Late last month the Boston Red Sox won their fourth World Series championship in 15 years and in about the same amount of time Canberra SportsTech business GymAware has been in business helping elite sporting teams around the world, including the Boston Red Sox.

GymAware, a humble success story founded by Evan Lawton and Robert Shugg in 2002 developed an innovative performance solution while working at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra.

GymAware work with an extraordinary calibre of international and national clients from the NFL, NBA, MBA, NHL, English Premier League and international Institutes of Sports. Nationally, GymAware work with 37 clubs across Rugby League, Rugby Union and the AFL.

“GymAware has helped the 76rs take their performance to the next level. The players, coaches and management love the product for the motivation and accurate data.” – Dr David Martin – 76rs NBA High Performance Manager

GymAware is a performance profiling system used in the weights rooms that provides real-time data and analysis on the athlete’s strength training performance, including velocity and power metrics. The device enables the coach to gain insight into the state of the athlete, making informed training decisions about their athletic performance.

“I constantly use objective information from GymAware to track performance, training stimulus and to create competition. The GymAware system is easy to use, reliable and effective.” – Nicholas Gill – New Zealand All Blacks Head S&C Coach

GymAware is forged from a scientific background and is considered the gold standard technology within the research circles. Newly appointed CEO Heather Lawton recognises that sport has high cultural value, acknowledging that is the social fabric made up from many levels beginning with junior leagues through to Elite sport.

It is exciting to see businesses like GymAware exploding out of Canberra, challenging the status quo and building unique international relationships that highlights this great city as the destination for innovation.

To find out more about GymAware visit: https://kinetic.com.au/

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