Finding and retaining customers can be difficult at the best of times, but with the distractions of the current pandemic it is more important then ever to reach out and check in to find out how they are going. Right now, what is the best approach? Sales experts Nick McNaughton CEO, ANU Connect Ventures and Suzanne Privot Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Maps 2 Medical teach us some valuable lessons into how to tread through this crisis.

Here is a simple process of navigating your sales and making sure you are talking to the right people (even if they are busy).

  • Find potential customers: who are they and where will you find them. Research the key people in the organisations that will want to know about what you are doing.
  • Know your value proposition: discover the needs of your customer, what is their problem and how are you solving this?
  • Make a sale: what does this process look like?
  • Retain customers: your sale is not a one hit wonder, look at ways to how your customers can become loyal advocates for your product.
  • Upsell: what other features or products maybe suitable for your customer? Help them but be genuine.
  • Find partners, suppliers and investors: what other companies align with your vision, talk to them.
  • Listen: don’t pre-empt your answers, understand what they are saying and evolve.

Let’s talk about distracted customers, firstly you need to read the situation. Right now, people are adjusting to the online transition, they are stuck at home and might be overwhelmed and trying to process the amount of news they are receiving. A simple solution to ensuring you stay ‘top of mind’ is to be empathetic, find out how that person is feeling. This is not the time to ‘sell’.

“Check in on people before selling, being genuine is critical during a crisis.” Nick McNaughton CEO, ANU Connect Ventures

Right now, you can make a difference to your customer’s wellbeing, which will create a lasting impact for your brand. The more conversations you have, the more insight you will receive.

“The quality of questions you ask people is imperative right now.” Suzanne Privot Co-Founder and Director of Sales, Maps 2 Medical

So, what is the key message to make sure you stay connected to your customers? Be human.

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