Women in Innovation: Adele Haussmann

"Innovation plays a key role in the delivery of my programs and services."

We interview women in our community about innovation and what drives them to make a difference in their industries. This week we spoke to Adele Haussmann, CEO of Her Smile.

What are you working on?

At CBRIN’s Ideas to Impact workshop, I am working on a short online program introducing women to an innovative way to recruit their pelvic floor and exercise correctly. By doing this I make them aware of the importance of understanding and building a relationship with their pelvic floor, that it is the bottom line to all exercise success, and builds confidence in everything they do.
My business name is Her Smile. Our Fitness, Beauty and Styling services help women over 40 who want to be confident in the way they present themselves, by overcoming anxiety surrounding their self-image and increasing their confidence.

Why is innovation important to you?

We are sadly brainwashed to believe that becoming frail and ill as we age is to be accepted. The more I work with women of all ages and their bodies, the more I discover with great excitement their potential.
People are frightened to join gyms, gym classes and bootcamps as they inevitably end up injured and they believe that they are to blame that they are not designed to move.

Innovation plays a key role in the delivery of my programs and services, helping women realise what they are capable of reducing pain, injury and fragility, building strength, confidence and joy.

What drives you to make a difference?

In my 59 years on this planet, I have been drawn in by clever salespeople, parting with my hard-earned money, not receiving the promised outcome. For this reason, I have spent my entire life searching for the truth and I now use this knowledge to create new programs and education that can be delivered in a simple easy to understand way, changing women’s lives and helping them discover their smiles.

Do you have any advice for getting more women into the innovation ecosystem?

Spending the best years of your life dreading going to work and living for weekends is devastating. I always say, ‘when you are lying on your death bed what do you want to say about your life?’
Do you want to say, ‘I lived a safe but boring life, helping my bosses achieve their dreams’, or do you want to say that you gave life everything you had and shared your gift with the world, making people’s lives easier and happier?

What are you proud of right now?

I am deeply proud and excited that I have created a business changing women’s lives using the combined life’s work of myself and my daughter!
I, Adele, have been in the body and physical movement industry since the tender age of 4, so 55 years.
My daughter Kirsten began her experience when she could walk, growing up in my dance studio.
Together we have the following combined experience:
? Physical Movement and Body Shape – 79 years
? Teaching and Mentoring – 54 years
? Makeup Application – 50 years
? Skincare, Beauty and Grooming – 38 years
? Costume Design and Styling – 35 years
We are experts in building confidence having 78 years of combined Theatre, Acting, and Performance Experience.
You can trust us to put you first and make you feel fabulous!

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