As a researcher, you may find it difficult to discover ways to translate your idea or technology into meaningful engagement outside the lab. You may be frustrated by limited career options, low funding or limited opportunities to engage with industry and the wider community.

How do you start to have an impact with your research? And is impact something that can be defined, tested and measured?

Research to Impact

At the Canberra Innovation Network, we take a practical viewpoint. We believe that the main way your research can make impact is when it’s in the hands of real people and making their lives better in some way.

Research to Impact is a program designed to help you master practical tools that will take your idea out of the lab, engage with industry, and find new opportunities. This is a great opportunity to increase the impact of your research and industry engagement using entrepreneurial methods.

Research to Impact is a program that takes your knowledge and expertise and helps you focus these attributes into a meaningful and purposeful pitch. Doing this course will help you to get your research story straight – who you are, what you can offer, and why it’s valuable. Doing this course adds value whether you’re thinking of starting a new entrepreneurial venture, or whether you’re just trying to apply for new grants. The skills learned are very transferrable.” – Jhana de Silva, participant 2019

How can we help you do that?

We use lean innovation methods developed for startups and proven to work for researchers.

This program will show you practical new ways to think about innovation that will enable you to better engage the community. It will help you create real collaborative conversations with industry that can lead to opportunities.

Research to Impact will challenge you with fast-paced real-world tasks and it will empower you to explore new options for your career, industry engagement and commercialising your inventions.

If you’re looking for practical tools to connect and explain your research and are interested in exploring new ways to have impact or engage externally, this program is for you.