Starting to make progress but need that extra oomph to help you hit those milestones? The advanced workshops will help you reach customers faster and negotiate your way around a term sheet.

These practical workshops are all about money, through sales, finding investors and negotiating investment term sheets.

We asked our expert facilitators their top tips when entering these advanced workshops.

Tip 1

Sales activity is the pulse of any business and it is critical for innovative high growth potential businesses. The notion that ‘great products sell themselves’ does not always apply. Get active in sales because no activity = no results.

Tip 2

The breadth and success of your sales activities are also the key indicators of your future growth and value to investors. Broad and successful sales = higher investor interest.

Tip 3

Sales is not about convincing people to buy your product. Sales is about finding people who have a problem that can be solved by your product and letting them see for themselves how your product can create value.

Tip 4

Finding investors is not dissimilar to finding customers. You must identify prospects, you need to have a system of how you approach them, finetune your value proposition, keep following up and closing them (or losing them).

Tip 5

You get out what you put in. Make sure you take advantage of the safe environment to really test and improve your skills.

Tip 6

Be ready to be challenged! These workshops are for those ready to go outside their comfort zone and really grow their business and skills to the next level.

Tip 7

Make sure you bring your phone and laptop. We will be making sales and finding real investors for your business during the workshop.

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming workshop series, eligible entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply for a subsidy.


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